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April Polo

April Showers Company Profile

April Showers Waterproofing was established in 1980 by Robert Hearn B.Bld and David Viles. The company was set up to deal with the inadequacies and lack of skills in the building industry dealing with waterproofing in wet areas and eventually leading to all aspects of waterproofing required in the construction industry.

What We Offer

The advantages of using April Showers Waterproofing systems are as follows:

  • Our track record over 25 years
  • P.V.C. sheet membranes are class III flexible membrane systems, which unlike liquid applied membrane systems have uniform thickness and are not subject to application error in applying the correct film build. They also are not subject to emulsifying and or pitting, as are acrylic and polyurethane membrane systems
  • P.V.C. sheet membranes are a single layer application and do no require primers
  • Our membrane system can be installed over damp or saturated substrates
  • The installation of P.V.C. sheet membranes does not give off any odours or toxic fumes
  • P.V.C. sheet membranes do not require curing time, hence quicker turn around
  • The membrane can be tiled over immediately upon completion of the installation
  • The average time to install a P.V.C. sheet membrane in a bathroom is 3-4 hours
  • Our P.V.C. sheet membrane applicators are all employees of the company, are in-house trained to a high skill level and most have been with us for over fifteen years
  • P.V.C. sheet membranes are unaffected by household cleaners which contain sodium hypochlorite
Showers Leaking

Given the opportunity, we believe that our company can offer you a service second to none with the quickest turn around time per bathroom and best quality at a competitive price.

Our Promise

April Showers

Our warranty certificate data base shows we have successfully waterproofed over 30,000 new bathrooms in the past ten years as well as completing many thousands of leaking shower repairs and bathroom renovations.

Other work we have carried out includes the successful waterproofing of thousands of balcony decks, planter boxes, flat roofs, retaining walls, remedial building and waterproofing projects.

A single warranty of 10 years is offered on labour and materials on all installations carried out.

April Showers Waterproofing Pty Ltd holds builders licence number 96002c.

During our 25 years of operations April Showers Waterproofing Pty Ltd have maintained the same directors and have had no complaints lodged against us for faulty workmanship or major defects making us one if not the oldest waterproofing company in Sydney still in operation with our reputation intact.