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Beachside rescue for drowning home

Beachside rescue for drowning home

The owners of this beachside home were appalled at the intrusion of dampness from the area between their house and that of the neighbour. The owners took decisive action by commissioning a report by a building consultant specialising in moisture and dampness problems. This consultant was further approached to recommend the better performing products and
application contractors.

The owners approached several contractors who were each requested to submit proposals to address the rectification in the light of the consultant’s report. The client then called for quotations from the best of the proposals. The final choice came down to a company that could carry out the complete rectification, not just carry out sections of the rectification works. This enabled the owners to have a single warranty, not several. Jobs with several warranties generally end up as a “finger pointing” exercise if problems arise.

April Showers Waterproofing was chosen because they could diagnose, specify and carry out the complete repair.

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