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Western suburbs cascades

April Showers Waterproofing was called on for help when the two main tenants of a western suburbs shopping mall ceased paying rent because of the ongoing intrusion of water from their ceilings. The supermarket and pharmacy were inundated in every rain event because of defective expansion joint sealing.

Ceiling linings were collapsing into aisles and onto the fixtures in the pharmacy containing, among other items, incontinence pads. Shoppers had to steer their trolleys around large “wheelie” bins that were placed under the leaks. Three waterproofing “experts” had attempted to fix the problems plaguing this three-year-old complex; the builder may as well have thrown his money in the gutter and watch it float away.

April Showers Waterproofing got the call for help! We focused on the expansion joint sealing and within two hours had identified the cause and extent of the problem. It was simple. Cement bags and silicone cannot form a seal in an expansion joint varying from 15mm to 40mm in width.

April Showers submitted a schedule of work that included the stripping, cleaning, dressing and sealing of the joints before our tilers restored the finishes to original. Part of this scheduling was to include liaising with the tenants to allay their fears of future problems.

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