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The High Care Nursing Home

Health hazards overcome in aged care facility

April Showers Waterproofing was recently commissioned to detail and repair damage to bathrooms in two aged care facilities that had damage occurring due to failed waterproofing installations. The high care nursing homes were only two years old when problems became visible, these problems included:

  • Shower seats falling from walls
  • Steel door jambs starting to rust.
  • Free water evident outside the bathrooms
  • Vinyl floor covering outside bathrooms starting to blister
  • Mould developed on areas outside and inside the bathrooms
  • Musty odour in some of the wards
  • Visible water damage to plasterboard wall linings in the wards as well as the corridors

Urgent action was necessary to remove the risk of slip hazards and health problems arising from the mould spores. A construction program was planned for the renovation of all bathrooms. The decision to use vinyl floor coverings in the renovated bathrooms meant a different approach to the wall/floor junction had to be detailed.

Also the decision was taken to replace the tiled 10mm plasterboard wall sheeting up to the dado line where an existing decorative ceramic frieze tile was to be preserved. The new installation had to be detailed to accommodate the use of a wall sheeting of differing material and thickness.

April Showers Waterproofing detailed and installed a seamless restoration that overcame all of the issues raised. The original finishes were replicated and the waterproof installation will be maintenance free for many years to come.

The following diagrams outline the repair procedures taken in a total of over one hundred bathrooms in the two aged care facilities. April Showers Waterproofing would like to thank the staff and residents for their cooperation during construction.

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