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Reviews from our clients

…I quickly became aware that I was involved in an industry that had no standards, skills, or ethics. April Showers, because of the efficient approach to the contracts we had, proved to be apart from the others. For this reason I had no hesitation in contracting to deal with my problems at many times the cost of the rest of the field. As a former regulator, I also became conscious that there existed an industry that was uncontrolled in any sense of the word.

Your organisation demonstrates skills, and standards that ought to be protected, as should the public, from the opportunistic, fraudulent operators that prey upon the unprotected public. Your industry is one that should be capable of seeking, standards that exclude the ruthless predator. There are no doubt others who have skills and ethics, who may wish to establish a soundly based industry that will deliver service to the public, thereby creating businesses that will be profitable and endure…

David Evatt Landa - Former NSW Ombudsman
Good morning Clayton, one thing that came to mind after viewing your workmanship was an old Rotary motto, which I try to live by, being, do it once, do it well. I’m impressed by your due diligence in as much as you also considered the possibility of capillary action by putting in place hindrances to ‘help protect’ against that eventuality. It still may happen but at least you thought about it.
Thank you Clayton. You obviously take pride in your work. Regards, Ray
Ray Brown
April Showers Waterproofing
New South Wales